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and can be explored by members of the club, who also have their second home listed in the club. Just a little exchange of homes for a short period of time and viola - you're

This is the 9/12 home I'm staying in for the 'Best Job On The Planet' with This week it's all about great Asian food, scootering around, finding monkeys at the beautiful sights, massages and LOTS of chilling around this house. Bring it! #

property I'm staying in. Yes, it really is a castle. The vibe around this secluded property is magical. You walk around inside the majestic rooms and on the grounds of the property in total amazement and overwhelm. You feel alive, inspired and rejuvenated with every step. I cannot believe the Best Job On The Planet kicks

"Was that actually real or was that all just a dream?" The lines between reality and dream are seriously blurred in this situation. . .

arrived at preschool. This kind momma left me a treat and well... 1. Hoping this isn’t any good. 2. 3. πŸ˜‹ 4. πŸ’ͺ🏼 ❀️