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| ٣ ايام قضيتهم وانا اقوم كل يوم الصبح على احلى إطلاله من غرفتي في الجزيرة الخاصة كوكو بريف، المالديف 🏝

Total seclusion or a long awaited reunion __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Drone photography by my talented friend Ishan (please go check

is undoubtedly where we’d like to spend our holiday break. Let us know where you’re traveling to this month in the comments below!

. . . You can’t really see me in this image but I’m sitting at the edge of the arrival jetty. This island is a private island I love the abstract view we get from flying far far

is one of the world’s most exclusive private islands. There’s nowhere in the Maldives, or anywhere on earth, quite like Coco Privé; an entire island that is dedicated to you, your family and friends. The island is a personal and private space for the most discerning to enjoy and savour, and

but luckily I have enough photos to fill my Insta feed to 2018 & beyond (you have been warned!) Thank you & for looking after me & to all the incredibly warm & friendly staff hithi I'm missing you all Pic: Dress:

, the world's most exclusive and expensive private island, designed by Singapore-based architects 👌🏼

to yourself, what would you do? // a from my tour of , a private island oasis that comfortably caters to 12 guests. // This is just a small glimpse of the pool overlooking the ocean. //