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: These 5 design ideas will step up your home décor. 🖋

👉While you’re there, be sure to tap link in bio for your free cloud art wallpaper. . 🎶Music in the studio: painting to the to "Hidalgo” soundtrack by composer James Newton Howard

It would be a perfect holiday gift for an art lover!! . All my paintings are an EXTRA 25% off until the holidays! If you’re in the KC area—come by and take a look in person! (Note—I tend NOT to sign the front of my paintings anymore Bc ppl get the

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Original art and design work on demand: any size, color, texture or idea. Visit All works include certificate of authenticity. design lovers gallery ist design style lovers 4all foryou decorating styling architecture es desire design ideas andhome forinspo design style emexicano

Their Whaler’s Island project always stops me in my tracks. My feed may not always show it as I have a large depth of appreciation for all design styles, but my deepest