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#myshiningmoment on Instagram

, who run a campaign right now where they want us all to inspire each other by sharing your own with a video or photo. I’m always searching for ways to interact more with you all,

for the opportunity. And to my amazing family, your love and support means more than you’ll ever know 💞

at the Art Basel Private closing event. Thank you, Vanessa, for your graciousness. Surprised to hear it's your first Art Basel. The next time you are in the 305, I would be honored to give you an art tour. is this moment, lol! Great way to end a great week! 💚

eyes! Take a look at our event with and 👁

gallery, featuring photographer , and get your very own custom eye portrait! . . 2328 North Miami Avenue 10/8 - 10am to midnight 10/9 - 10am to midnight 10/10 - 10am to 2pm

Share her Shining Moments from acting, singing, writing and raising four children. We are asking the faces and personalities that make our city and we want to hear from you. What’s your shining moment? Let us know!

for this beautiful shot and thank you for setting us up! Make sure to check out his Aderhold Fine Art POP UP opening this Saturday in Wynwood! BaselMiami

today as part of the campaign! Make sure to check out his Aderhold Fine Art POP UP opening Dec. 2nd in Wynwood! 👀 👁

may be small, but has big aspirations and lots of courage! She says, “ is when I moved across the country to Los Angeles where I only knew one person. I always knew that one day I would take my chances and move to the West Coast. That move was the best decision because now I know that

’s amazing team member, Cristina Bermudez. She says, ” is when I moved to New York in 2010. As a lifelong dream of mine, living in the city shaped me into who I am today both personally and professionally.”

and her . Sissy says her proudest moment was in 2016, when she was named one of the “Top Women in PR.” With over 25 years of experience, DeMaria is recognized for her expertise in media relations and crisis communications, serving clients in the residential and commercial real estate, hospitality, and arts