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🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻GIVEAWAY! Life has fulfilled so many of my dreams lately and I want to be a small dose of inspiration for you. So I'm giving away a little care package designed by me and filled with all my favorite things to help you dream up a perfect life and fulfill it. It includes signed books, journals, letters of guidance from me, surprise additions and a special video message just for the lucky winner. ---------------------------------------------------- Pretty cute right?! ;) ---------------------------------------------------- To enter, you have to first tag your bestie in the post and share with them (and me) you biggest goal and dream. The perfect life. Describe it vividly. (Telling a friend keeps you accountable and also makes it more real so you have to really think about it). --------------------------------------------------- This giveaway will only be unlocked if we get 344 comments on this post. I want all you guys to take the time to dream up the perfect life instead of waiting for life to happen to you. (Also 44 is my fav number 🕺🏻). ---------------------------------------------------- I've recently learned that you create your entire existence. Everything you want, you can have. You have to write it out and work for it. So I hope you join me in us all living our best lives ever. ---------------------------------------------------- Giveaway entry ends December 1. Your package arrives right in time for Christmas and in time to start living your awesome new life in the new year. Good luck! ----------------------------------------------------

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