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_enesyildiz: At the central train station here in Cologne,

At the central train station here in Cologne, Germany, waiting for my train and meanwhile walking into a small magazine shop and going into the section of business. Look who I’ve found: my favorite entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk! 😀 Although just this little section was dedicated to him (ridiculous, otherwise I probably would have bought the magazine), but man still 99% of the world doesn’t know about him. I recognized and he made and still makes a huge impact on my life through his daily content. Thank you !

46 10 Jan 11, 2018
_enesyildiz: Cold outside but a walk in nature is

Cold outside but a walk in nature is always a good idea, taking in the perfect vibrations. You know becoming extremely conscious of the present moment, realizing and understanding that that is really all there is, is a mind blowing experience. We live in an eternal now and we truly have been blessed and gifted with an intellect to literally create our own world as we please. Thinking is the highest function we’re capable of and it’s through our state of consciousness that we’re operating on that we manifest our inner experience onto its physical counterpart. Love and abundance to all of you! 🙏🏻❤️

42 11 Jan 7, 2018
_enesyildiz: Anyone interested in attracting a financial fortune, here’

Anyone interested in attracting a financial fortune, here’s the blueprint 😂😂😂

34 5 Jan 6, 2018
_enesyildiz: I honor and appreciate the beauty of this

I honor and appreciate the beauty of this view on the deepest level. Nature, you fascinate me again and again. Beautiful!

34 10 Jan 5, 2018

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” This thing called Life is really just an experience of consciousness. It is all in consciousness. Realize and become aware that without our ability to think we would be the same as all the other creatures in this universe. I thought about this a lot the last couple of days and really playing with the idea that there is no death since nothing is created nor destroyed, so there really is only Life, now and forever. So now, what are we doing with our lives? How aware are we of this fact? How aware are we of our essence? Who am I? Looking all around and seeing that everybody - including myself - is playing a character and try to project themselves in a certain way to the world with the result that we never fully show our true selves. Who am I in a way where I fully and completely am comfortable with myself and genuinely don’t care what others think of me, say about me, perceive me, judge me? And yet the only real failure in Life is to play a character that is not you, front something to the world and everyone you meet and never really own yourself and BE yourself in the fullest sense. Like, we are going to die, meaning we are going to leave this physical experience of Life and move on to the next phase of our eternal journey, whatever this may look like, but it is certain that one day we will no longer be here in physical presence as we and the world knows us now. So how are we living and what are we doing with this gift called Life? What particular level of consciousness am I operating on right now and do I love it? Do I enjoy it? Am I proud of how I carry myself and am I coming from a place of my highest self?

33 5 Jan 4, 2018
_enesyildiz: We become what we think about. Our outside

We become what we think about. Our outside world, the results we get is nothing but the manifestation of our present state of consciousness. We have to change our thinking, our thinking on a deep subconscious level so we can think what we want habitually. As this unadulterated, pure power flows into our consciousness it has no form, and we give it form through our thinking. And we’re gonna think thoughts that are in harmony with our Paradigm/Conditioning because that way we stay in a familiar vibration and it feels comfortable, but gives us results that we don’t want.

42 3 Jan 3, 2018
_enesyildiz: 30 minutes away until 2018 and doing what

30 minutes away until 2018 and doing what I absolutely enjoy doing, reading a book full of great insights and wisdom. 2017 has been year of many many ups and downs, but if I had to choose a word with which to describe it, it would be wisdom. I gained so much more and more in depth wisdom on so many levels, and it just gets better and better. At the beginning of this journey on Personal Development and Growth all you want is achieving, success, making it big etc etc, and that’s fine, but what I’ve discovered for myself is much more about happiness and fulfillment. What makes me happy? What do I love doing? What fulfills me the most? And I’ve got to get in touch with highest self on a much deeper and intimate level than ever before and I can’t explain or even describe how great of a feeling it is. Besides health and well being all I wish upon you guys is happiness and deep fulfillment from within. Follow what you love to do and continue to spread love and positivity on this planet. Much love and blessings to you guys, happy 2018! 🙏🏻❤️✨

30 4 Dec 31, 2017
_enesyildiz: The Law Of Attraction is always working, just

The Law Of Attraction is always working, just like the law of gravity, you can’t alter or change it but understand and bring yourself into harmony with it so it works for you instead of against you. Now how does it work? Well we have to understand first of all that the Law Of Attraction is a secondary law, the primary law is the Law Of Vibration. The Law Of Vibration decrees that everything moves, nothing rests. Everything in this universe is in a constant state of motion, as are we or the body we live in. The body is nothing but a mass of energy in a very high speed of vibration. And unlike any other creature in this universe we’ve been gifted with an intellect and higher faculties which we can use to change or alter our vibration at any given time through our thinking. It’s the thoughts that we think that controls the vibration we’re in and the vibration we’re in dictates what we attract into our lives. How do we know what we’re attracting into our lives? We just have to take a look at our results because they’re the manifestation of our thoughts deep in our subconscious mind.

42 11 Dec 28, 2017
_enesyildiz: THAT is beauty! ❤️⛅️
#Nature #Swan #PositiveVibes #Grateful

THAT is beauty! ❤️⛅️

38 10 Dec 27, 2017
_enesyildiz: I’ve posted this already a couple of

I’ve posted this already a couple of times but guys I’m really really serious, if you haven’t got this book, this edition of the book, please order it. Without question it’s one of my if not my favorite book that I return to over and over again. Magical material in it. Have a beautiful day!

52 17 Dec 27, 2017
_enesyildiz: Not wanting anything and getting into the state

Not wanting anything and getting into the state and awareness of already possessing everything possible is the trigger that will attract those things to you. The material stuff isn’t going to make you any more nor less. You already are complete in your essence and your awareness of that will make this thing called Life a playing field, realizing that it’s really all in consciousness.

31 1 Dec 25, 2017
_enesyildiz: A better way requires a better you, that

A better way requires a better you, that means you have to shift your mental programming. Change the inside and the outside will reflect that change with absolute certainty.

44 6 Dec 18, 2017