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Guide to unique places to enjoy #mediterráneamente #mediterràniament You confirm you are of legal drinking age. 📍Discover more mediterranean spots

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. This natural spot on is rarely visited as it can only be reached by boat or on foot from Manganari beach. Taken for us by

, known as , which is surrounded by a 16th century wall. Taken for us by

. Despite being only 20 km from the city of , the difficult—but not impossible—access route has preserved this spot as one of the most unspoiled in . Taken for us by

on , a lunar-esque beach in Greece, and one of the most photographed landscapes in the Aegean Sea due to its distinctive appearance. Rather than sand, the landscape is composed of white volcanic rock and turquoise water. Taken for us by

of , Italy’s floating city. Crossing the canal in a vaporetto (a common means of transport in the city) on your way to St Mark’s Square, while taking in Venice’s fine architecture is a must. Taken for us by

on . This beach is often compared to the surface of the moon due to its volcanic rocks that have been weathered by the wind and waves. Its distinctive appearance makes it unique in the world. Taken for us by

, a beach that lies in the shadow of Puig Major, the highest peak in the Balearic Islands. This spot was listed as a “Natural Monument” in 2003, thanks to its broad diversity of wildlife. Taken for us by

, the largest canal in , and runs through the city creating a huge S that is 4 km long. Taken for us by