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America's Everglades - The largest subtropical wilderness in the United States! Tag your photos #EvergladesNPS
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evergladesnps: Weekend adventure, anyone? Shark Valley is the perfect

Weekend adventure, anyone? Shark Valley is the perfect place to encounter beautiful wading birds, shy turtles, and sunbathing alligators. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Miami this weekend and escape into the heart of the Everglades. Whether you snag a seat on the Shark Valley tram, rent a bike, or bring your own, wildlife and excitement await you at every turn. Thanks for sharing your park adventures! nps

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evergladesnps: Welcome to the Everglades dry season and your

Welcome to the Everglades dry season and your chance to catch a glimpse of anhinga courtship! Male anhingas are easily spotted by their breeding plumage, a change in their appearance to attract females. Males adorn blue rings around the eye, in addition to their characteristic silver-gray feathers and wings edged with long white plumes. What do you think of the anhinga eyeliner? Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo (Image Description: Bird head surrounded by white and black feathers. Beak is orange. Eye has an outer blue ring and 2nd outer green ring.) . . . nps

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evergladesnps: Have you watched the brown pelican dive? These

Have you watched the brown pelican dive? These magnificent birds circle up to 60 feet high before diving headfirst underwater in search of food. Before entering the water, the pelican rotates its body slightly to the left. Can you guess the reasoning behind this curious behavior? Check out our Facebook page for the answer! facebook.com/EvergladesNationalPark Thanks for sharing this awesome shot! (Image Description: 4 snapshots of bird diving into water.) . . . nps

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evergladesnps: The Everglades may be a short drive from

The Everglades may be a short drive from Miami, but it can feel like a world away. Dylann Turffs of Coconut Grove shares these photos from a camping trip in the Everglades a few weeks ago. “I love camping at Long Pine Key because there are a variety of trails nearby, from short strolls to 5+ mile hikes. The Pine Rocklands is such a diverse ecosystem and I feel lucky that this chunk of it remains.” Thank you, , for sharing your adventures! Where have you explored it the Everglades? . . (Image Descriptions: #1 - Man standing outside, looking down at fire pit. Car in the background. Top of the photo is framed by the inside of a tent. #2 - woman stands on a path surrounded by tees. She is looking up.) . . . nps

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evergladesnps: We’ve reached 25 thousand followers! Thank you

We’ve reached 25 thousand followers! Thank you to all those who follow our stories in the Everglades and to the visitors who share their experiences with us! Today’s photo comes courtesy of Tina and Kevin say, “The Everglades is truly special...and winter is the perfect time to be there. It holds a special place in our hearts and we can’t wait to be back!” Continue following us to learn more about your National Park! . . . nps

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evergladesnps: Today’s #VisitorView comes from @shelbysphoto. Shelby and

Today’s comes from Shelby and her boyfriend arrived at Shark Valley just as the parking lot closed. They rode their bikes to the observation tower at dusk, and then back under the curtain of night. “The moon was almost full so everything was illuminated. The ride back was a bit scary for me at first...Ultimately I remembered to focus on the positive and how lucky I was to be out here in this beautiful place - we had it all to ourselves! It was silent other than the sounds of birds and crickets and the occasional splashing in the water.” Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience, Shelby! Scroll through to see her pictures! . . nps

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evergladesnps: Are you an archaeologist? Do you want to

Are you an archaeologist? Do you want to identify, evaluate, and monitor cultural resources in a beautiful National Park? If so, the Everglades may be the answer for you! Apply today to be a Park Archaeologist in Everglades National Park and your job could be to learn about and protect one of our nation’s greatest treasures! Applications will be accepted through January 19th. Apply at usajobs.gov NPS Photo / G Gardner (Image Description: Female park ranger stands in clear water up to her ankles in a forest clearing. She is looking up and surrounded by trees.) . . . nps

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evergladesnps: What are you doing this weekend? Last weekend,

What are you doing this weekend? Last weekend, we were lucky enough to Make a Wish come true for 8-year-old Ryland of Colorado. After visiting , he met up with park wildlife biologist, Mark Parry, to explore the southwestern corner of Everglades National Park. They were looking for American crocodiles, a threatened (formally endangered) species. After spotting several large crocs, Ryland and Mark found a smaller one basking on the mud banks of Florida Bay, and were able to capture it. Biologists regularly measure, mark, and recapture crocodiles that frequent park waters to learn more about their population ecology and the overall health of the coastal ecosystem. Tradition is not to name wild animals, yet this crocodile, never caught before, was made an exception and named “Ryland.” When 8-year-old Ryland learned the 100-pound reptile was a female, he quickly revised her name to “Rylanda.” After collecting all her data and snapping a few photos, Rylanda was quickly released at her capture site. Congrats Ryland on a wish come true! NPS Photo (Image Description: Young child and older man on a watercraft in a marina with an alligator. Both are touching the alligator. Alligator’s snout is secured shut.) . . . nps foundation 6

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evergladesnps: Where are you watching the sunset? Photographer @rizzysview

Where are you watching the sunset? Photographer says, “the lighting and colors are different all the time.” You never know what breathtaking scenery awaits you in the Everglades, but each trip is sure to be an adventure. Come join us and see for yourself! (Image Description: Paved road cuts through grassland and disappears in horizon at sunset. Single figure walks down the road and several birds fly across the top of skyline.) . . .

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evergladesnps: Happy National Bird Day! The winter dry season

Happy National Bird Day! The winter dry season of the Everglades has attracted birds and subsequently visitors for over a hundred years. As the Everglades dries up, fish concentrate wherever water remains, attracting a plethora of resident and migratory birds. Over 360 species have been documented so far! What birds have you seen in the Everglades? NPS Photo (Image Description: Anhinga bird with black and white wings and feathers fluffed out.) . . . nps

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“Far transcending any economic consideration as a reason for... acquiring this area stands out the nationwide importance of preserving this Cape-Sable section of south Florida as a National Park for all time...truly a wonderland supreme and one of our Nation’s choicest jewels.” -Ernest F. Coe, 1928 . Ernest F. Coe, fondly remembered as the “father of the Everglades,” was an early advocate, instrumental in gaining support for the establishment of Everglades National Park. Coe passed away on January 1, 1951 at 84 years old. We thank this Everglades hero for his foresight, dedication and passion for preservation. Were it not for wilderness heroes like Coe, we may not have the incredible natural beauties we enjoy today. Who do you consider a wilderness hero? NPS Photo / G. Gardner (Image Description: Trees standing in water with grassland in background at sunset. Sky is a purple-blue color with sun setting over grassland. Water is reflecting sky and trees.) . . . nps

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evergladesnps: Happy New Year! #OptOutside on this gorgeous day

Happy New Year! on this gorgeous day and explore the Everglades! We’re excited to start a whole new year of ranger programs, campfires, slough slogs, canoe trips, bird watching, and stargazing! What do you want to experience in the Everglades this year? Thanks for sharing your awesome adventures! (Image Description: Woman and man stand in water surrounded by trees covered in air plants.) . . . nps #2018 s

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