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jelli.ku: Since Ohayocon is coming up in a week

Since Ohayocon is coming up in a week and a half I decided to share a re-edit of this portrait of The second image is the first edit. There was a lot of things that I still didn't know as a photographer a year ago (including savings the RAWs no matter what) but I'm happy with my growth over the last year. The quality of this re-edit is much lower than I'd like (again, keep your RAWs!) but I like seeing how I'd edit an image now vs. a year ago. Also, swipe left if you want to see how I got the shot (you can tell we're pretty well acquainted 😂) Btw this babe made that entire costume (props and wig) herself and I'm still blown away by it.

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jelli.ku: From about a year ago
📸 @alec_rossborough @austinrossborough
Wearing @

From about a year ago 📸 Wearing

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jelli.ku: You play the drums and we

You play the drums and we'll make the rhymes 📸

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jelli.ku: Like, we

Like, we're looking but we're not really seeing, ya feel? Self

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jelli.ku: Hey friends here

Hey friends here's some more old stuff since I haven't been doing too much lately. New stuff is coming soon ✌🏼️ 📸 . . . killers mood snyc 0ject s_ig _page page #2017 photography mode

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