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mariojurina: Jedna od prvih fotografija napravljena novim Samsungom #GalaxyA8

Jedna od prvih fotografija napravljena novim Samsungom 8 koji je tek izašao! Kamera na mobitelu je izvrsna i jedva čekam da vam pokažem još fotografija! Uz odličnu stražnju kameru od 16MP f1.7 telefon ima i prednju dual kameru od 16MP + 8MP za savršene selfije. Više detalja o uređaju možete pronaći na . . . One of the first shots taken with my new just released Samsung A8 with amazing camera! Can’t wait to show you more photos taken with this incredible smartphone! With fantastic 16MP f1.7 back kamera there is dual 16MP + 8MP front camera for perfect selfies. For more details check out  . . . . . . . . _outdoors _europe _vision . . fulloflife

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mariojurina: About 3 weeks ago I started to use @

About 3 weeks ago I started to use Firstly when I saw Loupedeck console I was really amazed with an idea and functionality. Setup is simple as that, just plug it in, install software, and it works! It covers almost all tools that I use in Lightroom, exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, clarity, blacks, whites, vibrance, saturation. There's also white balance and tint dials and one customizable dial that I use for dehaze and with fn button for sharpening. There's also 8 colours dials for color correction (hue, sat, lum). As I'm a big perfectionist I always doing fine tuning on my images, and the accuracy of loupedeck dials is just amazing, while I was using mouse or trackpad i wasn't be able to get precision I wanted. On the loupedeck you can also find stars buttons so you can organize your photos, amazing before/after button, zoom, export, full screen, undo and redo, arrows, and my favorite and most used buttons, copy and paste. Using that buttons you can easily copy settings from one photo you've edited to any other in just two clicks on loupedeck. There is also 8 configurable preset buttons, and two customizable buttons. On the loupedeck you can also find an rotate/crop dial to rotate photo and select crop tool, I actually don't use that very often because I have diferent methods for croping and fine adjusting, but, it's there and it works fine. Since I'm using loupedeck my workflow is on a new level, so much faster and loupedeck brings so much fun in my editing time. At a begining my workflow wasn't so much faster, but now when I know where all the dials and buttons are without looking for them it's big difference. I would definitely recomend loupedeck to everyone who spend a lot of time editing in lightroom, or someone who just want's to bring his editing to a new level. If you have any questions about loupedeck you can ask me in DM!

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mariojurina: Beautiful Hallstatt, one of my favorite places I

Beautiful Hallstatt, one of my favorite places I have ever visited, I definitely want to come back there! You can check out full gallery from Hallstatt on link in my bio. Hope you all had an amazing 2017., and that 2018. is going to be even better! 🥂🍾🎇 . . . . . . . . . . . 365 _europe _europe _color _captures _vacations 365 _

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