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nikothenomad: Missing my Hawaii palm trees a little extra

Missing my Hawaii palm trees a little extra today. 🌴🌴🌴 So very pleased to hear that the islands are not a nuclear wasteland... Drop BASS not Bombs 🎶

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nikothenomad: high desert views ⛰

high desert views ⛰

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nikothenomad: Keep your head up, your dreams are in

Keep your head up, your dreams are in the sky not the dirt.

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nikothenomad: I

I've always been more of a sunset kind of person (mostly because I sleep too late to catch the sunrise) 😅 Something about how the inferno skies transition into darkness, puts me in my zone. The night life becomes wild and boundless Do you prefer sunrise 🌇 or sunset 🌆?

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nikothenomad: The city is my church
It wraps me

The city is my church It wraps me in the sparkling twilight Midnight City // M83

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nikothenomad: This year has been intense... I started off

This year has been intense... I started off my year in Hawaii and spent most of the year there. Hawaii was an experience in itself. I learned so much about myself in all ways mentally, physically, and spiritually. I found myself, I found my beloved and I found divinity. I went vegan which challenged me both mentally and physically. I found a passion for photography and had an entire playground to play in! I also got inspired to do other art such as music and dance in which I feel so safe expressing myself. After looking back at all of my pictures from the year, I am so stoked to go out and shoot more, and express myself in the most vulnerable ways. This past year has defintely revealed to me how rewarding it is to stay authentic and be vulnerable. So with that, I'm going to reflect my content more accurately to who I am and all of the many things that make myself! My goal for 2018 is to push myself further than I have before and to do everything I did successfully this year, but even better. The adventure has just begun! I have so many BIG things in store for the year and I'm beyond stoked to share with you all, so please stay tuned!!! Thank you for all the support and encouragement. I love expressing myself and sharing with you all my perception of the world. What are your plans for 2018? Let me know down below.

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nikothenomad: Happy Holidaze Instagram! 🎄 This time last year I

Happy Holidaze Instagram! 🎄 This time last year I was camping in the valleys of the Big Island of Hawaii, and forgot that it was even Xmas until late into the day. The absence of family and holiday tradition was totally foreign to me, but I'm still endlessly grateful to have spent the day in Neverland. This year, I have had the pleasure to spend the holidaze in the bizzare place of NYC🗽 with my beloved and family. It has been a wild adventure, seeing the lights across the city, listening to Xmas music, pushing through endless crowds of people (😥), and gathering with family to enjoy the holiday festivities. This year compared to last was defintely a different experience, but both had something so special to offer. So weather or not you're with family, I think we can all agree that Xmas has a special kind of magic that can make anywhere feel worth celebrating holiday cheer! Wishing the happiest of holidaze to everyone and to my Hawaii Ohana, Mele Kelikimaka 🤙

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nikothenomad: Art admiring art.

Art admiring art.

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nikothenomad: Mornings are for coffee and contemplation

Mornings are for coffee and contemplation

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nikothenomad: A little change of scenery 🌵❄

A little change of scenery 🌵❄

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nikothenomad: I felt like Gatsby in this shot!

I felt like Gatsby in this shot!

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nikothenomad: I

I'm packing my bags as I post this, getting ready for life's next epic adventure! I'm stoked to be living such a spontaneous and nomadic lifestyle. I'm even more stoked to be creating some new art and finding my style as I wander to new places. Here's to the next adventure and to the many more that will follow 👣

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