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"About once a week I

Shooter📷 100 . "About once a week I give catnip to Grendel and take some photos. He never disappoints. " . s sofinstagram s_of_instagram sagram sagram stagram slife srule sdaily sofworld lovers life s licious killers

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Out of

Shooter📷 100 . "Curious. Intrigued. Flirtatious. Out of sudden emerging from the bushes. Eyes affixed. Ears pricked. Frozen in time. One final scan. And vanishing again. Leaving only shadows behind." . body y life es life life art life photography life onearth life addicts life _seekers _mood master masters _captures worldclub _color _photooftheday grams 2ill

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"311/365 - it

Shooter📷 100 . "311/365 - it's a beautiful morning in (from about 7 months ago)! happy Friday friends, have an excellent weekend! · · · 2ill #412 2 " master _mood _captures

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"@jenefferwidjaja x Hasselblad ❤️📸 #hasselblad #hasselblad500cm #

Shooter📷 100 . " x Hasselblad ❤️📸 500cm _official features " #120 #120film graphy er _mood master masters _captures worldclub

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"SF • It’s supposed to

Shooter📷 : 100 . "SF • It’s supposed to hit 50 in NYC on Friday 🙌 • Sony A7Rii | Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM | 🚁 . . . . . _vision podium _feature _lenses _shotz _dropping_shots _masterpiece _mood "

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"This is my entire Canon

Shooter📷 : 100 . "This is my entire Canon nFD collection. I get often asked, why I prefer Canon FD lenses instead of Nikon. The answer is quite simple. Canon FD mount is dead, there are no new cameras or lenses with FD mount. That’s why Canon FD lenses are usually cheaper then comparable lenses Nikon lenses. Same applies to Minolta MC/MD by the way. On top of that, there are many Canon FD lenses around, so it doesn’t take much time to build a set. Why do you love Canon FD lenses?" . fd photography usa photo lovers beauty #35mm #50mm 85mm #85mm12 #400mm fd85mmf12

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Sunset Glows | I haven’t

Shooter📷 100 . Sunset Glows | I haven’t posted in a while because... life... trying to focus on what matters most. Cutting out the unnecessary 💩 that tends to take up your energy and time for whatever reason is hard but in the end it’s so worthwhile! Looking forward to finishing 2017 on a good note, it’s been quite a year and I think I’m quite ready for 2018 because I know it’s going to be a year filled with the most amazing opportunities yet 🙏🏼🔑 . skies mag n life time s boy photos life vibes days waves bum style s _ig _hub sky sky 🌅

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