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quentino_27: HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 🎉🎆 hello guys, new post inspired

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 🎉🎆 hello guys, new post inspired by ! and new year ! I wish you all the best the new year coming, a lot of joy, of happiness, of success, of good moments.... and a lot of new amazing pics !! believe in what you want and you will make it! 😁 this is a portrait I took on December 25th, I know the mood looks more like Christmas 🎄 than like a new year party 🎊, but I think we still have Christmas mood in ourselves, we remember the good time we spent with our family... 🤗 the girl, it’s my sister, the same as the Halloween pic, and other posts! I hope you will like this photo, it’s kind of new for me 😅 if you do, I may do some more shots like this ✨ it is one of the first photos I took with my new lens 50mm f/1.8, it’s like everything is new haha !! also tell me what are your wishes for this new year ? 😉 if you haven’t seen, I posted a contest and you can win some of my presets ! wish you all to have a good start of the year! 🙏🏼 and thanks for the constant support, I try to do my best to like and comment your pics, love u all 💙

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quentino_27: Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every

Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas 🎄 be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies ✨ Hey guys ! I’m backkkk after a long time ! I finished my exams yesterday, so happy to finally be on holidays ! this isn’t a winter or a Christmas shot, it’s a summer shot I took on July 2017, as I was biking with a friend, a very very hot day, and I ended the day very very wet lol 😅 I hope you will like this shot by the way ! some winter/Xmas shots are coming very soon, probably after Christmas, because I won’t be home the next 4 days and won’t be able to edit my pics.... anyway I’ll upload the surprise very very soon ! so stay tuned !! 🔥 I wish you guys and your family a merry merry christmas 🎄 also tell me what does this event mean to you ? 🙃 thanks a lot for all the support trough the year 🙏🏼, I’ll catch all your sick shots in a couple of days 💙

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quentino_27: do what you can, with what you have,

do what you can, with what you have, where you are 🌲 hey guys, new post from Canada ! it was taken in the « Parc de la Jacques Cartier » near Quebec city 🇨🇦 this hike was fabulous, we saw amazing landscapes like this one ! as you could think, it’s not a lake but a river, it was such a cloudy and foggy day but we had a great day✨ however we ended the walk completely wet because it rained aha, I won’t never forget this day aha 💦👍🏻 otherwise, I am gonna organise something special for you guys, for christmas 🎄 I will let you know.... I hope you are having a great weekend, it’s gonna be hard for me because I will have exams right before Xmas holidays 😅 anyway it’ll be alright ! wish you guys a nice week ahead 🙏🏼💙 _destinations           

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quentino_27: I can see a rainbow
In your tears

I can see a rainbow In your tears as they fall on down I can see a rainbow In your tears as the sun comes out As the sun comes out hey guys, here is a pic I took a month ago, in a village near my town 😁 it was on a Sunday afternoon, I had been working all the weekend and my parents had decided to take me and my sisters out of the house, so we drove bout 20-25 minutes.... sorry « I » drove (because I can drive as I’m 17, but with my parents just next to me aha 😅), and we had a walk in the village ✨ when we went back to the car, the sun was starting to set, the light was absolutely fantastic 😍✨ it looked kind of foggy too, a spectacular moment ! I hope everything is good for you ! wish you a great week ahead 🔥🌲🍁

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quentino_27: I drive the streets When you told me

I drive the streets When you told me your secrets We made mistakes But we both we didn't mean it And we held the world, We were turning it For a moment there, It was permanent hey, new post from Canada! taken in Montreal in the Parc La Fontaine ! I think I had never been as closed to a squirrel ! don’t u think it’s so cute haha?! I was sitting on a bank with a fresh smoothie with my parents and my sists, and some squirrels went to us ! this was amazing ! as a singer said, like is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy and enjoy life ! I wish everyone to enjoy your day ! 🍁

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quentino_27: the most powerful weapon on earth is the

the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire 🔥 hey guys, this is another photo I took during my scout camp last summer ! I love fires 😍 staying near the flames in the summer night or in the cold winter morning ❄️ I’m thankful we, humans, invented fire million years ago... I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving (for the one who celebrated it) ! I personally don’t celebrate this because I’m not American, but I am also thankful to have amazing people with me, especially my family and my friends ! 🤗 and I also want to be thankful for all the love I got on IG, all the awesome people I met, ... this means more than words could ever express ! so thank you so much guys 🙏🏼💙

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quentino_27: the future belongs to those who believe in

the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ✨ hey, what’s up guys ?! today a new photo, a little different than usually! it was taken in Montreal, Quebec last summer, this monument is the « Chapelle Notre Dame de Bon Secours », it is a fantastic church! ⛪️ I hope you will like it, tell me honestly what you think about it ? 🙏🏼 also, I would like to know what you would like me to post, to try.... I mean, should I do more portraits? should I post pics of winter with snow? should I post orange pics and green pics ? I think it would be interesting I change styles, so tell me your opinion please 🤗 I wish you a great evening 🌇

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quentino_27: hello guys ! yeah it’s me ! I’m

hello guys ! yeah it’s me ! I’m kind of back hahaa ! as u know it’s hard for me to have time to be on IG these days, because of school.... but I wanted to post a photo today, because it is a special day ! 🤗 yes it is a special day ! because I celebrate today the 1 year of my photography account 😁📸 I cannot believe I’m here today, all the amazing people I met on IG, all the improvement in photography, all the love I got on my pics.... all of that mean so much to me!! 😍 actually it made me be more confident, to hear people like what I’m doing is so important for me 🙏🏼 I think I won’t never ever able to thank you all enough my friends ! some of you helped me to improve my photos, not to stress for my exams, to make my life complete.... and this, This is truly so amazing !!! so today I dedicate this photograph to all of you ✨ I love autumn as u know 🍂🍁 I wish you all the best, and I thank you again for everything ! I love you guys 🙏🏼❤️🔥

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quentino_27: when I saw you, I fell like a

when I saw you, I fell like a water drop hey ! this is the fantastic, the amazing, the gorgeous... Montmorency Falls !! If you have never been there, you should definitely write it on your list ! it’s total height is 84 meters (276 feet’s) ! it is incredible ! and the day was perfect, the sun was shining in the sky, it was a hot day... the perfect cocktail ! 😍☀️ I wish you guys to visit this wonderful place in your life, if you have already, leave me a comment ! love you guys 💙

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quentino_27: we don’t see things as they are,

we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are ✨ hi everyone, first of all i want to thank you so much for all the love on my last post, I didn’t expect as many likes and comments 😅😍 you are so amazing !! also do you remember the pic of the hot air balloon ? I took this this new pic the same day! while I was picnicking with my grandparents 🌅 I hope you guys will like this sunset pic 🙏🏼 I also hope everyone had a nice halloween ! today is the last day of my holidays, tomorrow I’ll be back to school 😭 but all the good moments have to end... otherwise as I asked in my story, I would be interested in knowing which camera and lenses you use and if they are good or not ? 😉 because I’m thinking of buying new gear and I actually don’t know what to buy, so I would love to know your opinions 🤔🔥 I wish you an amazing week ahead 🙏🏼🍁

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quentino_27: HAPPY HALLOWEEN !! 🎃🍂
heyyyyyyy guys !!!! I’m baaaaack after

HAPPY HALLOWEEN !! 🎃🍂 heyyyyyyy guys !!!! I’m baaaaack after a week of break ! I hope everyone is going well 😁 I had an awesome week camping near Paris, I didn’t take as many pics as I expected because the days were very intense. 😅 I was actually there to have my BAFA. I’m not sure you know what it is.... basically it is a training where you learn the methods to animate summer camps, or stuffs like that... I am a scout leader and so I had this training with the « Scout Movement », during the week I had to organize games, activities and so on... 🤙🏻 it was sooo amazing, a good way to get my head out of school work after my exams... and I met new people like me that was sharing the same values ⚜️ a week I won’t never forget!! now I still have 1 week of holidays, to rest and work for school! Today it’s October 31st, it’s halloween 🎃 what does halloween mean for you? do you celebrate it ? also in France today, it is a special day for everyone named « Quentin », it’s my « holiday » ! I hope you will like this pic, I took especially for halloween this afternoon 🤗🎃 and thanks to for inspiring me for this photo !!!

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quentino_27: Life is the art of drawing, without a

Life is the art of drawing, without a eraser ✨ hey guys ! this is another shot from Canada 🇨🇦 , taken in the « Parc des Hautes Gorges de la rivière Malbaie », the hand you can see is my father’s hand who accepted to help me take this photo holding my iPhone. 🔥 I found it interesting to shoot this to show the amazing perspective of the place where I was! I hope you guys will enjoy ! 😁 don’t hesitate to give a like, it would mean so much! and if you could give me your opinion, it would be so kind of you! 🙏🏼 I had my exams the next 2 days, I had Physics, Biology, Maths and Geography, I’m pretty proud of myself, except for physics test... but I will see when I’ll get the marks 😅 I will be off next week again because it’s holidays and I am going to camp in the nature near Paris (yeah near the big city of Paris 😂 and in autumn!! camping in autumn, thanks absolutely normal lol) I’m gonna take a break from social networks, maybe I’ll share you some moments in my story 😉 I’ll catch all your pics up when I’ll be back ! I wish you guys an amazing weekend 👍🏻💙

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