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raynoirphotography: 12 luglio 2017, Fortezza Vecchia. Buon compleanno #dedo ! #

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"The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter, often an unconscious, but still a thruthfull interpreter, in the eye.” Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre – 1847). We communicate our moods with the eyes, we express our nature through them. It’s the look that, even inadvertently, expresses instantly our feelings, our emotions and our emotional nuances in a direct way; The reason why the eyes have always been connected to the soul is because of their ability to reflect externally what we picture inside us, our most intimate inner space. A hundred years before the advent of modern psycology, Charlotte Bronte anticipated one of the key themes of the experimental psycology, that is as the look has the essential connotation to understand emotions. It is a way to look deep in our soul and it has been introduced by Karl Koch with the Tree Test (1949). The tree image recalls the human being’s image that, being a natural and alive element, is able to project feelings and the unconscious part of our personality. Koch, in fact, used to say : “In front of a tree illustration it is possible to obtain an impression which could be either harmony, anxiety, absence, abundance or hostility.” This is exactly how it works in front of a gaze. What happens if we put somebody’s look next to his/her own tree drawing? Is there a correspondence between our eyes and what it is pictured in our soul? Is our gaze really the mirror of our soul? Are we really what we have been? souls w w photography fatevobis s _ig s s #500px

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raynoirphotography: Him, Her and the others. #tulipani #tulips #tulip #

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